Volvo Geniune Parts

The Volvo ownership experience is made up of many parts. Some are obvious. Some are not. If you think about it, you probably wouldn't want your workshop to exchange the Genuine Parts that make your Volvo a Volvo, for something else that is not 100% guaranteed to support original safety and quality. You want parts that you know have been designed, tested and manufactured according to Volvo's detailed specifications, in order to interact optimally with all the other parts in the different systems of the car.

Economy, ecology and reliability

Many of our replacement parts are available as Volvo Exchange Parts. In fact, Volvo offers one of the widest ranges in the automotive industry, all carefully remanufactured and returned to their original condition, all with the same quality and warranty as new parts.

What's more, because exchange parts decrease the need for raw material (and the remanufacturing process uses less energy than producing a new part) they're good news for the environment as much as the workshop, the insurance company and the most important part of all: you.

Peace of mind for owners of older Volvo cars

No one knows how far a Volvo can go. The current Guinness World Record 'Highest Car Mileage' is held by a 1966 Volvo P1800, which has covered more than 3,572,342 km! Keeping a car in shape for such a mileage calls for a secure supply of spare parts, just like Genuine Classic Parts.

That's why owners of older discontinued Volvos all over the world can order parts from their regular Volvo dealers to ensure the original performance of their car. In fact, since material technologies evolved over the years, the parts delivered today actually have a higher quality than when the car was in production. For example, synthetic rubber is replacing natural rubber, providing a higher resistance against oil and UV rays.

When it comes to body, chassis and engine parts, it's vital that the tolerances are unchanged. Therefore we use the same suppliers as originally to be sure of achieving the expected high level of quality.